Building Fund


The Church of Antioch at Santa Fe (COASF) is seeking help to finance a new church facility. The COASF was started 27 years ago by Archbishop Richard Gundrey. During that time we have held a service on every Sunday and a healing service most Wednesday evenings. For all that time we have been renting different spaces to worship. For the last 25 years we have rented and met at Loretto Chapel in downtown Santa Fe. While we love Loretto Chapel, it severely limits our ability to offer a full range of services to our church community and the larger community because we are only able to have mass in Loretto Chapel for one hours each Sunday.

It has become increasingly clear that we need our own church facility. We have raise the fund to buy the land needed to build. Therefore we are seeking 250 thousand dollars in funding to start phase one of the building project. Make a tax deductible contribution ???  


Our vision is that the church facility would not only serve our local church community, but would serve other emerging church communities and other like-minded organizations. It would serve as a place to anchor Progressive Christianity and the Interfaith Movement in Santa Fe the Southwest Region of the United States.

Link to Go-Fund-Me