Evolving Consciousness – Bishop Doug

This morning I want to talk about God. After all we are a church and that’s what we are supposed to do isn’t it? But more specifically I want to talk about the evolution of God. In order to do that we must look at consciousness and more specifically human consciousness.

What is consciousness? At it’s most basic level we might say that consciousness is the ability to register and to be aware of what the five senses perceive. When we look more deeply at consciousness we might say that it is mind itself. It is not the content of mind and not simply the activity of mind which all arise as a product of Mind. Consciousness is mind itself, mind is consciousness.

The Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices of Mahamudra developed from the intention to observe the mind that exists in back of, behind and prior to the content of mind. So the question arises why is this important? This is important because everything that we humans experience is experienced on the screen of mind. If we ever hope to experience God directly the only place to experience God is within the context of this thing called mind, or mind consciousness.

What the Buddhist Learned through this voyage into deep mind is that mind itself is not separate from anything else. They learned that in order to observe mind one has to let go of the illusion that the content of mind is mind and that opens the possibility of experiencing mind directly. At that moment when mind is experienced directly it experiences itself as one with all that is.

Many of us, if not all of us, equate mind with the brain. Modern research has indicated that mind actually exists within our whole body sometimes referred to as a body mind. In experiments done on cells of the beating heart and even cells from separate beating hearts, the Individual cells continue to beat within the test tube. When cells from different hearts were placed near each other they began to synchronize their beating so that eventually they beat together in unison.

This is an example of what I mean by body mind or consciousness, which resides in every cell of our body. Consciousness is not limited to or even controlled by our brain. Our brains are controlled by and influenced by consciousness. In the mystical traditions of all religions mystics have discovered that when they quite the activity of the mind they can come in touch with consciousness itself. But when they do, what they discover is that all consciousness is one. They discover the interconnectedness of all consciousness.

As consciousness it’s self is experienced and the structures of separation crumble the mystic finds themself beyond the limitations of time and space, Beyond separate identities. This experience is filled with both bliss and wonder. And after bless and wonder subside we find our resting place in the vast stillness of the eternal moment where there is neither a “Me, mine or I” arising nor a”you” non-arising. This is a state beyond the content of consciousness. This is consciousness itself, which is one with all that is.

The Christian mystics, the mystics of Islam, and Judaism come at this state from a different direction. They reduce the content of mind to only one focal point and that is the focal point of God. By allowing the mind to rest in God and to find stillness in God they finally come to the place where all separative content of mind drops away and there is only the vastness of union with the Divine. Their consciousness in absorbed into the Divine and they experience the self as one with God and all that is.

All of these mystical experiences have the same kind of results, which is experience of being one with the divine or one with all that is. It is the very experience of this that transforms the nature of being of the one who experiences it and it evolves their consciousness into one centered in compassion and love.

During all these thousands of years the evolving consciousness Of humanity our idea and understanding of God, of divinity has evolved. In 2000 years ago a man was born who had a different view of God. Human consciousness has involved once again to experience a loving God a God more like a loving parent who wish well for his children.

Into the consciousness of humanity was born the idea of a god that was not a person but was love itself. This was a radical idea. Those who experienced the ramifications of that idea we’re so moved by the profoundness of the experience of how that changed their world that they were willing to live and die to spread the idea. They saw in the power of this experience of a loving God who was love itself, hope of transforming the cruelty’s of this world into heaven on earth.

This idea was planted and began to grow in the field of human consciousness that had been sewn with weeds of violence and hatred. But the master had taught to let the weeds and the wheat grow up together until you could clearly see which are the weeds and which are the wheat. Now in our time it is harvest time it is late and we can see now clearly what is the good what is not good. In little churches and House meetings and gatherings outdoors allover the world the message is becoming more and more clear. We are beginning to wake up to the realization that the only hope for the transformation of our world into a world of beauty and goodness is a world infused with love. When we all recognize that we all One people called to love each other our world will be a better place.

In our scripture today it is clear to me that Jesus never intended to start a church or a religion. He intended to start a revolution: A revolution that would transform the whole of life on planet Earth, a revolution of the heart, a love revolution. Has there ever been a time in the history of the planet when such a revolution was more necessary? Has there ever been a time when all of humanity has cried out together for change with such an anguish voice?

The call is going out today to awaken the heart of humanity to its full capability to love. In our little church, in our little corner of the world, the message is coming loud and clear there is only one rule and that is the rule of love. There is no need for dogma. Dogma has only separated brother from brother sister from sister and cause more suffering. There is no need for sophisticated theologies, they’ve had 2000 years to work and have failed to produce a better world.

What the world needs now, like that song from the 60s said, is love sweet love. That’s the only thing that there is just to little of.